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Libra, you are going to find that listening to your past history will help you make positive decisions in the future. This will help you move on to something new and exciting and not get stuck wallowing in the past.

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Scorpio, you are going to stay humble, even if you are in a high position of power. Humility is something everyone needs to have because without it, you are going to feel shallow and your ego will take the best of you. Sagittarius, you are going to find that starting something new is going to bring new light to your life. You are going to find the strength to work through anything that comes your way and you won't let any situation debilitate you from achieving your goals.

Capricorn, you need to give your trust to the person in your life who resembles the moon. You are going to find guidance in this person and you will not be able to hide your true feelings, so don't even try keeping anything locked away.

Aquarius, you are going to take a small break as a couple. You need the time alone to reignite that spark you felt at the beginning of your relationship.

Don't lose that feeling by being on top of each other all of the time because it will not help your relationship last forever. Pisces, you need to put your fear and anxiety aside. You don't want doubt to be your first and only response because you will never be happy this way.

Gemini tarot love

Stay persistent and keep trying to make your life into what you above all wish for it to be. Aria Gmitter, M. Find her on Facebook for more. Follow Us. Sign in. Aria Gmitter.

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Emily Francos. Zodiac August 30, To find out more, look for your zodiac sign below to find out what's in store for you, according to astrology. Here is your horoscope for today, Wednesday, September 18, , plus a tarot card. Aries, sitting at a crossroads, wondering which way to go, follow the path that you are yearning to go.

Gemini tarot love

Taurus, if you are disappointed with your life, lack the motivation to move on, or you are in a bad mood, take a break and you will see. Capricorn, your insecurities about the future may be caused by the many changes you are having in your life. Aria Gmitter, M. Find her on Facebook for more. Emily Francos is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics. For more of her content, follow her on Facebook. Follow Us. Sign in. Aria Gmitter.