aquarius daily horoscope 5 january 2020

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This represents the goddess energy Virgo blending with the male Leo energy and ties in with the energy of this eclipse which is on 0 degrees Leo. This is exciting news. The Goddess energy will start to manifest to the whole world in a large way. If more people start thinking with their heart maybe we can start creating the energy of Magic and Miracles, which is a 6 Density energy.

It was a delightful movie and full of all kinds of magic. I had a dream a while back that we all started creating instantly like happened in the Movie. I thought at the time I had the dream, what an interesting way to live. It was fun. Who knows, maybe this will happen in the not too distant future. Maybe we will be able to change ourselves to much younger Beings.

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Anything is possible. We will soon be entering what I think will be a very exciting year. We will be entering the year of the Chinese boar on February 5, The energy is getting stronger and stronger for change. Love is the bridge that holds us all together and it takes just one little candle to light a dark room. It is time to let your light shine for all to see and then people can change just by being in your presence. The fastest way to change your life is to change your attitude to one of gratitude. Be grateful for all of your blessings and be nice to people. That way we can create a wonderful new world.

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This Week in Astrology: February 4 to 10, 2018

Look back, see the mistake you made by trusting someone who had their own interest at heart, not yours! Be the example they never had, and instead thrive without them! Set a new course, energize and focus on what you do want, moving towards your goal… The initial goal may change along the way, Be open to a better outcome! As I see it, will determine the direction of the US, as our country is creating world chaos and faltering under extreme foolery.

And they are going to challenge the status quo and the elite who have run the country for so long. Mars and Jupiter are in alignment until February 2 and they are compatible planets. Mars will support all new efforts as Jupiter provides new opportunities. Hidden Insights forecasts a week full of defiant and electrifying energy thanks to two planets changing signs.

In addition to this, the first of two Mars conjunct Uranus alignments takes place this week. On Sunday the first planet, Mercury, moves into Pisces. Visual stimulation becomes a priority and global consciousness shifts towards the ethereal. Expect discussion, communications, and group expressions to become changeable, unstable, and free flowing. Midweek, Mars joins forces with Uranus in a very special alignment.

Amazingly, this is not the only special circumstance of this aspect. Mars and Uranus together rule shock, electricity, sudden and surprising violent action, as well as erratic action. However, on Wednesday people be on edge and act aggressively. We should not be surprised if confronted with electrical or fire issues, and it is advised to exercise caution when dealing with anything flammable or potentially explosive.

As Mars moves from Uranus it changes signs and enters the stable energy of Taurus.

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The next several weeks allow us the opportunity to recoup from the intense and exciting energy of the first six weeks of the year. With Mercury in Pisces, couples may not be able to solidify plans, but Mars makes up for the confusion with physical touch. As Mars moves out of goal-setting Aries we can solidify personal plans, ambitions, and desires.

In an earlier homework assignment, Hidden Insights discussed setting goals for with Mars in Aries. Make your final decisions as Mars aligns with Uranus to get a jump start out of the gate, and ride the productivity of Taurus to see your goals completed by spring. Expect to feel particularly nostalgic as memories come bubbling to the surface.

The Universe is asking you to resolve any worries and fears that have held you back.

Daily Astro Highlights for each Sign:

On Wednesday, your ruling planet aligns with Uranus in your sign. This has the potential to trigger minor accidents, so you watch your step, as well as your head from any bumps.

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Over the weekend, an older woman in your life will seek your advice about a work related issue. Pull from your own past experience to help settle their anxieties about an important decision. Friends seem to be coming out of the woodwork this week, Taurus, and you find yourself flooded with phone calls, text messages, and invitations.

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However, there is the potential for a hidden agenda. Fortunately, Mars moves into your sign this week and you are feeling ready, willing, and able to help. Mars is no longer hibernating in your 12th house, and you are blessed with a surge of energy right now. Enjoy your ability to get moving and tackle a number of long overdue projects. Saturday brings a flurry of creative energy and you are unable to stop yourself from pursuing artistic endeavours. This can range from unconscious doodling to giving a do-it-yourself project a try.


Astrology of Today - Wednesday, February 21, - Astrology Cafe

A conversation with a supervisor or mentor early in the week will provide you with clarity, as you struggle to make a concrete decision. An explosive argument with a friend or social organization you belong to brings temporary chaos. Relationships with your inner circle will be tested, and you may lose a friend or two in the process. Over the weekend, Mars retreats into your 12th house.

A need to sleep, rest, and take time to reflect becomes clear. Allow yourself enough space and time to recharge your physical and emotional batteries. It may be difficult to concentrate on any task that requires serious or productive energy for the next few weeks, Cancer. Mercury inspires you to dream and think big.

Be certain to monitor your calendar closely, as you will be prone to being late or missing appointments or meetings completely. A minor upset Wednesday or Thursday brings tension to your interactions with authority figures. Rather, Pisces sees all the colors of the rainbow. With the goddess of love in Pisces, our love is all-embracing, we are able to forgive and understand, we are seducible and seductive, and we show compassion to our partners.

Venus in Pisces is tender and affectionate, although hard to reach nevertheless, as there is a longing for something that is hard to define and hard to satisfy. Borders and boundaries blur under Venus in Pisces. The shadow side of this position is allowing ourselves to be victimized or deluded, as well as evasiveness. With a Sagittarius Mars, our actions are motivated by our ideals. We are bothered by routine, quickly becoming restless if we feel confined. We have a love of adventure, and of conquest—this is the position of wanderlust. We start projects or challenges with gusto, although we may tend to abandon them rather quickly.

This may be because we set our sights too high! The urge to start fresh, to break free from restrictive attitudes or circumstances, to totally redesign an area of our lives or even our personalities , and to gain freedom through independence is strong with Uranus in Aries. Venus is in Aquarius from January February Our talents for creating artistic structure and form are enhanced, and our ability to form connections with people who support our ambitions is increased.

We value enduring connections, reliability, and faithfulness.